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Doggie Daycare at Jackson Veterinary HospitalJackson Veterinary Hospital offers Day Boarding with and without special playtime (Doggie Daycare) as well as Overnight Boarding with and without specialized playtime. We accept dogs and cats for both day boarding and overnight boarding, but only dogs (at this time) will have – if requested – specialized playtime outside of the cages. Toys (on request) can be placed in the cat condos.

We happily board not only our own clients' pets, but also those pets who are visiting our area. Vaccination requirements are the same as the boarding requirements.

Doggie DayCare – Playtime

Playtime will be outside, weather permitting. We have 5 size-specific outside runs for our canine friends. Family siblings may play together. "Strangers" play in separate pens. Toys, agility equipment, etc., are provided for playtime. Fresh water is always available. Daycare attendants are with the pets during playtime. Pets will have up to 15 minutes of play several times a day unless the pet indicates he/she is done or medically needs to come inside.

Playtime, in bad weather, is inside in a large room. Again, only siblings can play together.

Day Boarding & Doggie Daycare Rates

  • Doggie Daycare - $22.00 per day
  • Overnight Boarding with Doggie Daycare - Add $3.50/night
  • Day Boarding, Cage - $17.50
  • Day Boarding, Run - $18.50

Boarding & Daycare Requirements

  • Dogs must be current on the following vaccines – Rabies, DAP/DHPP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus), and Bordetella
  • Cats must be current on the following vaccines – Rabies and FVRCP/HCP (Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus, Calcivirus, Panleukopenia)
  • All pets must be free from internal and external parasites
  • We require proof of vaccinations for all pets*
  • For your pet’s safety and health, we ask that you do not bring any type of bedding or fabric items. We will provide all bedding for your pet.
  • Please bring all medications in the original pill bottle.

We strongly encourage that you bring your pet’s own food to avoid an upset stomach. If you do not wish to provide your own food, we feed Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin dry food, and/or Science Diet canned food. Special prescription diets can be purchased if needed.

*Vaccination records must be on your veterinarian's letterhead and should be faxed (904-460-0934) or emailed ( to us before your reservation date.

We look forward to your pet's visit!