Laser Therapy for Pets

Laser Therapy can help your pet heal!
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PennHIP logoPennHIP is a multifaceted radiographic screening method for evaluating and assessing the quality of a canine's hip as well as whether a dog is susceptible to hip dysplasia. This method of evaluation is also able to accurately predict the onset of canine osteoarthritis (OA).

PennHIP requires a dog to be anesthetized. Three radiographs are then taken to measure hip joint laxity. A score between 0-1 is assigned, with 0 being very tight hips and 1 being very loose. The score is based on a measurement of the hip's distraction index (DI).

Responsible breeders and pet owners can call 904-471-3044 to set up a consultation with Dr. Beckett, who is PennHIP certified.